Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is this blog all about?

Question: What is this Blog all about? Answer: I don't know. In fact, I would like to take this time to point out a giant pet peeve of mine. I hate it when people say "question" right before asking a question. Just ask your question. I think it is even more annoying to answer your question by starting your answer with "answer." Do not say "Question: Should we go to the Maroon 5 concert? Answer: Yes we should." Just say "Maroon 5 is a terrible band and we should never go to see one of their concerts." Cut out all the words and bullshit in the middle.

Now as a new reader (right now I have seven followers on blogger, one of which is my mother who still doesn't know how to turn her computer on..... so I assume everyone is new) to this blog, you may wonder "what is the point to all of this?" Answer: Fuck if I know. I opened this account last year to post pictures from the movie (Pavement Tune) I was shooting. I got too busy with shooting and post-production on the film, that I couldn't keep up with the blog. I had a great time making the movie, but when you work full-time on a movie, work a job and have a fiance; blogs with little followings fall by the wayside. Not to mention, all the entertaining blog-worthy stories that happened on the movie..... I can't repeat publicly (but if you run into me at a local bar or an Orange Julius, I'd love to share some of these wacky tales with you).

So when the dust settled on the movie, I jumped into standup comedy. Since January I have been doing comedy anywhere from twice a month to five times a week. I'm not quitting or giving up on movies, but standup has become an great platform and a weird form of therapy for me. I think I've become a better writer and made some really cool friends by doing it. I plan on using this blog as a forum to share standup comedy stories and experiences (i.e. when I bomb horribly and/or make an ass out of myself).

I thought about calling this blog "Diaries of a Neurotic mad man" and that is basically what this is. I'd like to use this as a forum to share and to vent, but also to learn more and communicate with other people. As far as subject matter goes, anything is welcome here. I look forward to writing, sharing and reading what other people have to say. I also promise that future blog posts will only be half as pretentious and self serving as this post has been.

Be well,
Mike Finazzo

P.S. Yeah, Maroon 5 really does blow it pretty hard.

Friday, August 20, 2010