Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sorry for the lack fo updates.....

We are 1/3 of the way through shooting and for the most part it has been fantastic. Z and I are getting a nice rhythm going and the actors are giving great performances. I do not have time for a complete update now, but I wanted to share this.

We are currently casting one last part...and recently came across and actor looking to get a part in the movie. The actor answered online postings three different times (despite the fact, that the first two posting were not for male parts).

Anyway, I will not say the actors name, but he sent his headshot and resume on the third time with the note:

"I would like to audition or if you would like to simply give me the part, both options are welcomed".

Now I found this kind of toolish. After looking over his resume (which featured great titles such as "Zombies vs Chearleaders" and "Scotty does acid"), I noticed he actually worked with two friends of mine (Both of which are working on this film) that I trust a great deal. When I talked to my friends about said actor, some words that came up were "drunk", "frat boy", and "terrible terrible actor".

After some deliberation, I emailed the terrible, terrible drunken fratboy actor with a simple "no thank you". In part because I was ammused but also so he would stop answering ads for the film. He responded to my email without hesitation three minutes later with the following:

"Are you kidding me? You won't even let me audition and you respond to my email with that bullshit? Fuck you and your stupid movie which sounds like complete dogshit.

Hugs and kisses"

Now, I don't know if this tactic works, but in the future if you're trying to get work, don't be a tool, and if you're going to call someone's work dogshit, be more constructive with your criticism. I do give him points for being witty.....

Fuck me, and my stupid movie which sounds like complete dogshit,
Mike Finazzo

Sunday, June 7, 2009

An Hour and change before Day one

So I was in the shower, getting ready for the first day of filming, and I had the idea to blog and keep a diary about the film. It is a very novel and original idea, for I don't think a movie director has ever blogged or kept a diary about and during the film he was making.

I know I just jumped right into it, and I will fill in the details later (when I have more than two minutes). This blog will talk about the experience of making the movie and how it has compared to my past film experiences (see "Clusterfuck 2006" and "Clusterfuck 2008").

Anyway, I hope this blog will be somewhat informative for people that want to or already make films. I hope it makes you think, laugh and/or cry. I'll be back later with a full recount and details about what I am actually talking about.

Be well,
Mike Finazzo

P.S. I love you

P.P.S. The movie in question has the working title of "Pavement Tune" and yes, I know I'm not the first director to blog.