Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sets #114, #115, #116, #117, #118, #119, #120, #121 & #122: Caoco Lane, Firestation One, Fish Head Cantina, Pratt Street Alehouse, Baltimore Comedy Factory and the GoProud Benefit (at RFD)

"Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in"

I honestly thought I would go a month without doing standup, but I just couldn't stay away.  I had a nice variety of shows at the Comedy Factory (including the late late urban show), an event benefitting a group of conservatives supporting gay marriage and open mics.  The feature weekend at the Factory went great and all of these shows flexed different comedic muscles.  I had a great time and a few weeks off certainly did me well.  

I have a few more shows coming up, but the short film I'm working on is still on track to shoot from August 18-25th.  I'm pumped.

P.S. No matter what people think of Kevin Smith and his movies... this is one of the most thoughtful, funny, encouraging and beautiful talks about making art I've seen.  Any aspiring comic, writer, filmmaker or artist of any kind should watch it.  

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