Friday, May 24, 2013

Sets #107, #108, #109 & #110: Sonoma's Bar and Grill, RFD, Comedy Depot and Sean Bolan's

It was the best, worst and most mediocre of times... The show at Sonoma's Bar and Grill in Columbia, MD may have been the worst show I've ever been a part of.  I won't harp on it because this room is dead now (though it probably should have never been born) and it would be beating a dead horse.  This is one of the cases where I will take the paycheck and smile. 
After the Sonoma's abortion I took a few days off and followed it up with a mediocre set at RFD in Washington, DC.  I actually got a lot of laughs and even had an applause break but I was not very good.  I was stiff and my energy was low.  I should have destroyed with a crowd like that... but instead I was just blah.  It was also a kick in the pants I needed and made me refocus a bit. 

The next night... I got a last minute headlining set at The Comedy Depot in Lancaster, PA.  Though the crowd was small, I had a good forty-five minute set.  All of my material hit and I even had a few improvized moments that went well.  The highlight of this set was when I referred to an audience member as "the guy who killed John Lennon".  Overall, this was a fun show and raised money for a good cause. 

Finally, I had a really good sixty-five minute set at Sean Bolan's in Bel Air, MD on Tuesday.  This was one of the shows I decided to record for a possible album and I absolutely crushed it.  I hate it when comics brag about "killing" or "crushing"  (because it's usually false and doesn't mean anything) but I'm going to give myself some credit here.  This was an important night for me and it ended with possibly the best long set I've ever had. This was also the most comfortable I have felt on stage and it was the first time I did an hour where it did not feel like "work".  I'm really proud of this set and can't wait for people to hear it in the (not too distant) future. 

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