Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mike Lawrence's Sadamantium

I don't really know Mike Lawrence personally... but we have a few mutual friends and have crossed paths randomly at open mic when I've been in New York.  He seems like a nice guy and has always been very funny when I've seen him.  Last night, I purchased his album (the beautifully crafted and relentlessly funny) Sadamantium and was not disappointed.  Lawrence is quick witted, a great joke-writer and provides more belly laughs in the first five minutes of his debut album than most comedians you'll hear all year.  Bottom line: BUY THIS RECORD!

P.S. as a comedy fan I'm really happy for Mike Lawrence and his success... but the narcissist in me is irritated that I'm not funniest comic with a beard, glasses and/or the name Mike.  

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