Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sets #87, #88, #89 & #90: Second Street Comedy Club, Stables, Laugh Riot at the Hyatt and the Capital City Showcase

I had a few sets this week with very mixed results. My Wednesday (charity) show at the Second Street Comedy Club in Harrisburg, PA was a lot of fun.  My thirty minute headline set was consistently good throughout and certainly a solid outing.  After doing a few charity shows that were (extremely well intentioned but) not good, it was nice doing a benefit in a comedy club with a good audience.  I was very happy with my set here.

My Thursday show at Stables... happened.

I had two shows on Saturday that were a lot of fun. The first show was at the Laugh Riot at the Hyatt (located in the Bethesda Hyatt Hotel) and it was fantastic. This independent room is basically a comedy club inside a hotel (it's run very professionally with a great backdrop and physical layout).  The crowds were attentive and open minded and I had a great time performing here. 

After the Riot, I had a very good ten minute set at the Capital City Showcase. This was a great show in a small blackbox theatre.  Despite the mic cord popping out (and not handling this blooper gracefully) it was a solid set. Overall, this was a great night of shows. 

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