Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sets #72, #73, #74 & #75: Dempsey's and Arlington Drafthouse

I had a few fun shows this week... On Thursday, I had a solid twenty-six minute set at Dempsey's at Oriole Park in Baltimore, Maryland.  This show was tough to close out because it was following an open mic contest... but my set was passable.

On Friday and Saturday, I got to work with Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane (which is always a pleasure).  My twelve minute Friday set was incredibly solid and a good time.  The Saturday show was fine (though the crowd was a little more subdued).  My twelve minute set was good despite the crowd being tricky to warm up. 

My highlight for the weekend was when I walked off stage (on Friday), Vos said to me "Good set... I didn't listen to it but I heard the laughs".  I caught this moment on my iPhone recording.  I might make it my ringtone.  Overall, the weekend with Rich and Bonnie went well and I look forward to working with Rich again at Magooby's next week, 

After the show on Saturday, I had a very good set at the Drafthouse open mic.  I did two new-ish bits (that are ready for clubs now) and an older bit that I wanted to knock the dust off of.  Overall, this was a very good set. 

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