Sunday, March 3, 2013

Set #50: Slainte

I knew that the show at Slainte was going to be rough when I showed up and they were duct taping a flash light to the wall. That was the "lighting set up." There was no stage. There were two rooms seperated by stairs. The showrunners set up a microphone stand on the middle step. I guess that was the stage. Between the two rooms there were about fifty people but only six of them knew they were attending a comedy show. It's always fun when comedy springs up on a crowd and interrupts "dinner and drinks night."

The first comedian was my friend Stavros Halkias (Magooby's New Comedian of the Year). He's a really funny guy but struggled mightily at this show. At one point a woman yelled "Get off the stage." Stavros responded "I can't get off the stage. I'm standing on a pile of stairs." That made it all worth it.

I decided to take my eighteen minute set mobile. The mic was wireless and I walked back and forth between the two rooms with it. When one side of the room got loud, I would walk over to them and tell my jokes. This was pretty effective in quieting whichever side was talking loudly.

I'm at my best when I can take my time and tell stories. This venue was not conduive to my skill set (nor conducive to any comedy for that matter). I found myself yelling short jokes at whoever was paying attention. It wasn't my best but it ended up being eighteen minutes of survival skills and scattered laughs. To put it in perspective, when you do well in comedy it's called "killing." When you door poorly it's called "eating a dick." I did not let this room force feed me that dick... though it got really close to my face a few times.

This is my dream... this is show business.

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