Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sets #43, #44, #45, #46 & #47: Terra Cafe, Red House Tavern, Firestation One, Looking Glass Lounge and Sidebar Tavern

I was in the bathroom at my office today and someone walked in and said "OH MY WEINER".  In other news... today has been the best day of my life. 

I've been busy the lately, and the last few days have featured several sets.  Set #43 was at Terra Cafe in Baltimore.  This eight minute set featured few jokes and a lot of riffing.  This was a tough open mic (which I hosted) and featured very limit audience and a million comics.  Overall, this was still fun and I got to practice improv skills (which I don't use a lot). 

I followed TC with a twenty minute set at the Red House Tavern.  This was a late night room (which started at ten and I took the state around midnight).  This was a lot of fun and featured a very good crowd.  I did mostly "A material" and worked on some of my feature set bits that I haven't had a chance to work on in a few weeks.  Overall, this was a good time. 

After a day off, I performed three sets (that could not have been more different from eachother) last night.  The first set came at Firestation One in Silver Spring, Maryland.   The crowd was a little tight at first but definitely receptive.  I spent most of my time working on two stories, which seemed keep the audience engaged and had a nice payoff (despite not hitting on every punchline). 

My second set of the night was less successful at the Looking Glass Lounge in Washington, DC.  This was kind of a rowdy show with a the drunkest and loudest table closest to the stage and not very condusive to comedy.  However, I spent my five minutes working on some new bits (one of which will work nicely) and got to see some comic friends that I don't typically see.  We'll call this "breaking even". 

My last set of the night was at the Sidebar Tavern in Baltimore.  My six minute set hit strong and the crowd was fantastic.  I got to the venue just moments before my set and kind of "winged it" on stage.  Still, all the jokes hit and I had a lot of fun with this group.  This room (which I originally started and then gave to Tim Hoeckel) has evolved nicely over the past few months and has turned into a legitimate work room.  Overall, this was a nice end to my long weekend of shows.

Not every video that accompanies my blog needs to be funny... 

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