Friday, February 22, 2013

Sets #36, #37, #38, #39, #40 & #41: RiRa, Dionysus, The Cove, The Sidebar Tavern, Dangerously Delicious and Red House Tavern

Here is a rundown of shows from the past week and change...

I had a really strong seven minute set at RiRa in Arlington, Virginia on wednesday.  This is a great venue and features some of the area's best comics.  This was my first time performing there, so I didn't really take any chances.  I did seven minutes of my polished "A material" and it could not have gone over better.  I look forward to coming back to RiRa soon. 

The show at Dionysus in Baltimore was tough for me personally.  "In real life"... my mom broke her hip.  I spent a lot of time in the hospital and drove straight from there to the show (getting there five minutes before my set).  My ten minute set went over well but there was definitely a lot going on in my head. 

After a day off on Saturday, I had a good thirteen minute set on Sunday at The Cove in York, PA.  I spent most of my set working on "Cemetary Flowers" and another story from high school.  This was a solid set and if I edited out a few extra lines, it would have been a great set.  I followed this with a another good set at the Sidebar Tavern in Baltimore.  The five minute set consisted of a work story and a few new jokes (which worked well). 

On Tuesday, I had an okay set at Dangerously Delicious in Canton, MD.  This was a good work room and did a set of all new jokes.  There were some winners and some big misses.  There were a few premises that will eventually become good bits.  Overall, this was a productive set. 

I followed DD with a very good eight minute set at Red House Tavern (also located in Canton).  This was one of the better sets I've had in a while.  Despite being tired (from work, stand up, my mom being in the hospital), I stepped up and had a very good set.  This set consisted mostly of a story about getting arrested (which I haven't done in a while).  This show was a lot of fun.  My friend Matt Baetz (a talented dude who has made more appearances on the Late Show w/Craig Ferguson than any other comedian) was there and said "You killed man.  I remember when you started... you're not allowed to be that good". 

Coming from him... that means a lot.  

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