Friday, February 1, 2013

Sets #26, #27 & #28: Red House Tavern, Caoco Lane and RFD

I finished January by performing two sets on Wednesday and one on Thursday. My early set on Wednesday was pretty mediocre.  The eight minute set at the Red House Tavern got laughs because of the material but not the performance. Listening back to it, I sounded tired and the set came off as very flat. However, I managed to rebound and had more energy at Caoco Lane in Ellicott City.  The ten minute set had some minor flaws but it went over very well. Overall, I have no major complaints about this one.

On Thursday, I decided to use my six minute set at RFD in D.C. to work on a five minute story.  It felt kind of odd to use most of a set on one long form bit but it went over incredibly well.  I had been working on the "cemetery flowers" bit all week and it showed.  Now a polished chunk, the response from the near capacity crowd was fantastic.

Overall, January was a very good month.  I did twenty-eight sets (with no major train wrecks) and drove about 1,411 comedy miles.  Not a bad start to the new year...

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