Thursday, January 3, 2013

We're back (a.k.a Set #1: Red House Tavern)

My first show of 2013 happened happened last night at the Red House Tavern in Canton, Maryland.  The eleven minute set went well and was a nice start to the new year. 

The set's opening was odd as I riffed on my introduction.  It was an awkward and slightly polarizing joke (that received tepid laughter at best) but I recovered nicely.  My opening story did well as it was the eighth and best time I've told it to date.  The three minute chunk/story about job got laughs through out and will hopefully be a strong entry on a future CD.

The rest of my new material went over well (with the exception of one forced call back) and I look forward to the continued workshopping of these bits.  Since my last album I have thirty of new material that is going well and another fifteen minutes in sketchings and ideas.  Hopefully in time... this will become an act. 

Thank you for reading the blog.  Hopefully this was only the first of about three hundred or so in 2013! 

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