Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sets #5 & #6: Firestation One and Sidebar Tavern

Set #5 came in the form of seven minutes of newish material (with one older bit thrown in) at Firestation One in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The set went well and I feel that my new jokes are starting to click.  I was disappointed that one brand new bit did get a big laugh but I realized that it could play well as a tag to another (thematically similar) bit.  Overall, this was a solid set in front a good crowd and I learned a lot about my new material and it's direction.

After a fifty minute car ride (which I used to catch on an episode of Marc Maron's podcast), I arrived at the Sidebar Tavern in Baltimore, Maryland.  My expectations for the nine minute set were low (due to the thinning crowd and the fact that I was the nineteenth and final comedian of the night) but it turned out well. 

The first three minutes (which included the fixed version of the joke I tried at FS1) proved productive and the bits continue to progress nicely.  I then used the last five minutes to tell a story which got an even better reaction.  This was only the third time I've told the story on stage but it is going over very well.  Once I figure out which ending to use (I am going back and forth between two options), this "bad show/standing ovation tale" could be my closer/bookend for my feature/headline set.

Overall, this was a very productive and fun Monday night.

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