Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sets #21, #22 & #23: Harrisburg Comedy Zone

I had a great weekend (1 show on Friday/2 shows on Saturday) at the Harrisburg Comedy Zone in PennslyvaniaThe venue and the crowds were fantastic and I always enjoy working with the legenday Rich Vos. 

The friday show was a lot of fun and I was surprised how good the turnout was with the bad weather and snow in the area.  The crowd was a little tired but receptive and my twenty-two minute set went over well.  Despite some nerves, one or two stutters and a flat punchline this was a very solid start to the week.

The first show on saturday could not have gone better.  My twenty-five minute set went over very well for the sold crowd and it was a great show all around.  This may have been my most complete and best set to date.  Every bit hit the way I wanted it to and my riffing was very on point as well.  When I went back to watch the "game tape"... I was very proud of this one.

The last show of the run may have been the rowdiest but it was still a very good show.  My twenty-four minute set went over very well and actually aided by a heckler.  For maybe the first time ever (in my young career)... a thing that a heckler yelled out, set up the rest of my joke perfectly.  I didn't really have to change a single word of what I was about to say... it all seemed like a respond to him and it worked out beautifully.  Overall, this was another good set.

All in all, this was a wonderful week.  I enjoyed working the Harrisburg Comedy Zone for the first time and made a lot of new friends and "fans" (though I consider them friends too).  I wish all weekends went this smoothly. 

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