Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sets #17 & #18: Firestation One and Sidebar Tavern

Two good sets tonight... the first of which came at Firestation One in Silver Spring, Maryland.  My six minute set got a great response but I'll give the crowd most of the credit.  The ("standing room only") audience was incredibly incredibly friendly and supportive and gave me (and every other comic) laughs through out the show.  This set was a good ego boost and helped me polish a bit I'm readying for my feature run at the Harrisburg Comedy Zone this weekend. 

After a fifty minute drive (where I listened to the "Adam and Drew show"), I arrived at the Sidebar Tavern (my weekly workout room in Baltimore) and did another five minute set.  This set went surprisingly well (as I went last in front of mostly tired comics) and some of the new jokes I'm working on took some shape and got laughs.  Overall, I found this set to be very productive and exceeded my (low) expectations. 

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