Sunday, January 20, 2013

Set #16: Your Place

I had a pretty good 35 minute set at Your Place in Lancaster, PA.  This was a really cool and intimate room (which only seats 60 people) and featured a stellar lineup.  Overall, this was a good set despite a few odd occurrences...

For example: There was a mass exodus right before my set.  Literally 1/3 of the crowd went to get a drink, go to the bathroom or smoke.  They eventually came back throughout my set but this effected callbacks and references throughout my set.  I caught fire and found my stride in the middle of the show and had a great run of bits. I was gearing up for a strong finish when the check drop (which usually doesn't happen at bar shows) came really late (in the middle of my closer).  It was really distracting but I went to a back up closer after that and closed big (without a microphone because the stand broke during my second to last bit).

Despite everything, it was a fun show.  I sold a few cd's and saw a girl that looked exactly like Rosemarie Dewitt.  Good times.

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