Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shows #192, #193 & #194: Sonomas, Allstar Bar and Red House Tavern

I am drinking a Chai as I write this blog.  Sadly, this blog will never be as good as this Chai...

My 192nd show of 2011 came this past Monday at Sonoma's in Columbia, MD.  Overall, this was a very good show.  My set solid and I got laughs throughout.  It wasn't easy following 80 minutes of an open mic contest but the crowd was great.  Despite being tired, the crowd (of around 75 people) stuck around and were incredibly attentive.

I'm most proud of how much new material I did.  Twenty out of twenty two minutes of my Sonoma's set has been written since September.  As a result, I only repeated one joke from my previous twenty minute set at Sonoma's back in April.  That is a lot of new bits. 

Set #193 was possibly the most miserable open mic experience I've ever had.  It featured bad comedy (on my part), awful degenerate and heckling groups of people and a blown circuit breaker that cut the microphone four minutes into my set.  It was was a waste of time, money and gas.  On the bright side, I left this open mic refocused. 

I followed the worst open mic ever with a pleasant night at Red House Tavern on Wednesday.  On a dare from my friend Dave Shofer, I did some of my "vintage" jokes (some of which I hadn't done in over a year).  This was a lot of fun and surprisingly one of the better sets I've had recently.  After listening back, I'm going to resurrect at least two of these jokes for the CD recording in March.

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