Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shows #189 & #190: The Comedy Spot and Tigercon

I worked out six minutes of new material at the Comedy Spot on Thursday.  I only came up with two new bits (as of Thursday) this week but both of them have been getting a good response.  I wanted to get in a second set that night at RFD but ended up getting there too late for stagetime.  Spending three hours driving in a KIA to work out six minutes of comedy will be one of the constants I will look back on for 2011.

I ended my week with a really fun show at Tigercon at Towson University in Maryland.  This show was part of the Geek Comedy Tour at Towson's yearly comic book convention.  I was really nervous about this show because I do not do a lot of "nerd centric" material but my fifteen minute set killed.  I even got to include two brand new bits that went over very well.  The audience of two hundred was one of the best and enthusiastic crowds I've had in a while.  Awesome experience. 

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