Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shows #186, #187 & #188: Ellies Place, Allstar Bar and Red House Tavern

After polarizing the audience at Busboys Monday... I had two sets with mixed results on Tuesday. The first came in a very good twelve minute set at Ellies Place in Millersville.  Ellies is a monthly open mic that is notorious for loud video games and non-existent crowds but Tuesday was surprisingly good.  My set consisted of two new premises ("Vanilla Dipper" worked but the other one did not) and other jokes I have been working on for the last month.  This was a consistently solid set with good laughs throughout. 

After Ellies I drove across town for a ten minute set at Allstar Bar in Baltimore.  As stated in previous posts, this is a room I go to every week to try out brand new premises and ideas.  It is getting harder and harder to talk for ten minutes without repeating myself every week and it showed this past tuesday.  Despite struggling, two brand new premises (out of ten) are going to be good jokes. 

On Wednesday I performed a set at Red House Tavern in Canton.  This ten minute set was one of the best shows I've had in a while.  Made up of bits written in the past month, every joke connected.  It felt very good.  With just a little more tightening and polishing, these bits are going to be ready for the taping in March.

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