Monday, December 5, 2011

Show #191: Hightopps Bar and Grille

Last night I performed at Hightopps for the last time in 2011.  My eleven minute set went over very well and I am still more than pleased with my new material.  I listened back to my set and there are still a few things I would go back and change.  Though it got a big laugh, my set up on "CVS" could have been a lot better.  The same goes for "My Funeral".  I've only done that premise a handful of times and it is getting better... but still needs a cleaner set up. 

The hilarious Justin Jones and my Hightopps setlist.
Hightopps has been my homebase and a big part of hitting my goal of doing two hundred sets this year.   It is not always an easy room but a room that has made me a much stronger comedian.  I'll be back there next year when I headline there (by myself) for the first time. 

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