Friday, November 25, 2011

Shows #182 & #183: Allstar Bar and Red House Tavern

My one hundred and eighty-second set came at the Allstar Bar in Baltimore on Tuesday.  There was not much of a crowd (five comedians/eight bar patrons) but my eleven minute set went over very well.  I've been in storytelling mode for a while now and this format has been working for me.  Two stories that I started telling Monday (at Sidebar) have been killing and are bound to be set staples.  The only mistake I made was stepping on a laugh during my final bit.  I should have held for the laugh longer. 

I followed Allstar with a ten minute set at Red House Tavern on Wednesday.  This was a good set and a great pre-thanksgiving crowd.  The new stuff continues to progress and I closed with an old bit that did very well (despite my timing being a little off on the older joke's punchline).  Again... I made the mistake of stepping on a long laugh.  It killed the laugh that the tag of the joke usually gets. 

I need to fix that. 

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