Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shows #168 & #169: The Reserve and Red House Tavern

I did two sets tonight in Baltimore, Maryland.  The first set came via a six minute guest spot at The Reserve in Federal Hill.  Mediocre is the most positive word I can think of for my performance.  This was a yuppy-ish crowd and they were certainly polarized by the "edgier" material. 

Ultimately, I did not make enough adjustments during this set and it provided mixed results. I was also distracted by a table occupied by a kick ball team (I know this because they were wearing kick ball uniforms).  I should not have let them get to me...After one joke, a girl at this table gave me a very loud "womp wah". 

I'm assuming this girl will stumble across my blog at some point (because my shit is blowing up)...  so to her I say: I work hard on jokes and just because you didn't get it, doesn't mean you should drunkedly mock me to your drunk yuppy friends.  Also, you should consider playing a real sport like... Teather Ball.  P.S. Eat shit. 

After show one, I raced over to Canton for a ten minute set at the Red House Tavern in Canton.  I was very happy to get this set in, because I got a second chance.  I fixed a few of my mistakes and saw instant results.  It was nice rebounding the same night and not having to wait until tomorrow.   Overall this was a really good set.  The new stuff continues to hit and take shape.   I feel great about the progress. 

Special thanks to Dave Shofer for putting me on his shows. 

P.S. I know my shit isn't really blowing up.

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