Monday, November 28, 2011

Show #185: Busboys and Poets

I always wondered what would happen if someone found my notebook...

For the most part, I do not write out bits.  I usually write a keyword or bullet point down and then talk out a bit at open mic nights.  I repeat that process dozens of times until these bullet points/ideas become jokes/bits and then eventually becomes an act.  This is how I create material.  Aside from a few random jokes/ideas (that I want to remember very specific wording from the beginning) my notebook is littered with random phrases, premises, thoughts and things that out of context seem crazy.


After filling my old notebook, I bought a new one this past weekend.  "WBAL", "Sexual Harassment", "CVS/Anal Warts" and "Next Bus" (which was later replaced by "Alomar") were the first words written in this brand new black Five Star notebook.  To me this was tonight's set list but if left in a taxi, on a bench or God forbid at work... could come across as thoughts, potentially insidious notions and digressions of a serial killer or a mental patient.  Out of context, this list could be construed as a random itinerary or at the very least codewords by a Masonic or terrorist group of some kind but in reality it represents the scattered thoughts and ramblings of a moronic and neurotic stand up comedian.  Some could and would argue that the latter is worse.

P.S.  My nine minute set at BB&P was fine.  "Alomar" was too dirty/polarizing and I should not have done it (let alone closed with it) at this venue.

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