Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shows #145 & #146: The Comedy Spot and RFD

After a few rough sets this week, I bounced back with two good sets tonight.  The first took place at the Comedy Spot in Ballston, Virginia.  The eight minute set consisted of all material developed over the past few weeks.  My first three jokes in particular popped...

I had been working a lot on the wording and phrasing on these jokes and it was nice telling them well.  I also used this set to get rid of two bits that I had been trying.  These jokes are an example of jokes that I am really proud but never really translated to crowds.  The jokes are a bit dark but I may revisit them in the future. 

After the Comedy Spot, I jetted over to RFD in Washington, DC for a six minute set.  I had to change my set list on the fly because the comedian that went on before me covered a few of my premises (something that is bound to happen when you're on a show with twenty other comics).  Every joke connected and got really strong laughs from the crowd of fifty or so people.  The two new jokes I focused on at Comedy Spot received even bigger laughs this time around. 

Overall, it was a great cap to a really good comedy night. 

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