Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shows #141, #142 & #143 & #144: Growlers, Banana Cafe, Allstar Bar and Potomac Grill

I started off the week by doing an eight minute set at Growlers in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The set was made up of mostly polished material and went over very well. Despite the Ravens game and near by traintracks, I kept my composure and gave a really solid performance.

Growlers 10/1/2011
I followed up Growlers with a good fifteen minute set at the (now defunct) Bananna Cafe in Washington, DC. The new stuff is gelling and going well and I improvized two jokes that are becoming good jokes. I also had a good amount of fun picking on a member of the audience named "Justin" (I don't care what he says... his name was Josh).

Potomac 10/5/2011
I'm having way less fun than it looks like

I followed up these sets with two sets at Allstar Bar and Potomac Grill. The sixteen minute and twelve minute sets were kind of rough but certainly built character and material. When you do all new bits, there are going to be a lot of rough patches and growing pains. This week certainly featured a lot of both.

Though my batting average was lower when it comes to getting laughs (they should be when you do 10-15 minutes of new stuff weekly) the jokes that have hit have been big. I've been throwing a lot of things against the wall and seeing what happens... I've certainly been thrilled with what has been sticking.

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