Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shows #139 & #140: Allstar Bar and Grill and Red House Tavern

I've been working hard on new material and it is starting to take shape.  I'm looking to record a live album in February so all my time has been spent writing and polishing.  I don't have many shows coming up, so most of my time has been spent at the open mics...

From my 12 minute set at Allstar Bar and Grill
If you  are looking for a Mike Finazzo fix, please go to Itunes and download my episode of Digression Sessions.  It is a really funny podcast with Mike Moran and Josh Kuderna that I recorded last week.  It was a fun time and a good listen. 

P.S. Watch 50/50.  I was really looking forward to this movie and it still ended up exceeding my expectations.  Joseph Gordon Levitt, Seth Rogen and my future third wife Anna Kendrick are all fantastic in it.

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