Monday, October 24, 2011

Shows #160, #161 & #162: Vespucci's, Varsity Lounge and Growlers

I did a 16 minute set at Vespucci's in Fairfax, Virginia this past Friday and it went over well.  I continued polishing long form bits and used alternate tags on older bits.  Due to working on new material, this was the first time I worked on some of my older bits.  For the most part, I delivered these jokes well and got a great response. 

I followed up Vespuccis with a 19 minute set at the Varsity Lounge in College Park and a 23 minute set at Growlers in Gaithersberg.  These were fun shows and the long sets went over well.  My new closer/story has been killing and is tying the whole set together in a very nice way.  I really liked doing these longer sets and am proud that I did not do all of my planned bits.  It has been nice doing 20 minutes without it feeling like 20 minutes.  I'm confident that I can go anywhere and do a killer 30 minute set. 

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