Monday, October 17, 2011

Show #151, #152, #153, #154 & #155: The Comic Strip Live, The Creek and the Cave (two sets), Andy Walsh's Apartment Mic and Perch Cafe

I got into New York City on Friday afternoon and got to work quickly. My first of five shows came via a showcase at the Comic Strip Live! in the Upper East Side.

The show at the Strip went very well but included a few interruptions.  During the seven minute set I delt with a cellphone ring and three heckler/participators.  A year ago, I would have froze and/or shit my pants in this situation but Friday I handled it all very well.  Each heckler repsonse got a laugh and the last one got a big applause break.  I'm proud of the composure I displayed during this set.  I got a lot of great feedback from the booker at the Comic Strip and will be returning soon. 

I followed up the Comic Strip Live show with two sets (one friday/one saturday) at the Creek and the Cave in Long Island City.  This was a fun and supportive venue to comics.  I had two good sets (with the better one) on Friday and worked on a lot of new jokes. 

Saturday evening was the most unique of the NYC shows when I did an "Apartment Mic" in Williamsburg (a Hipster Section in Brooklyn).  An apartment mic is exactly what it sounds like... Someone sets up a mic and PA in their house and invites people over.  Some shows (In New York, Baltimore and the rest of the world) can suck and bar shows can feature a million interruptions and distractions.  Atleast at an apartment mic, everyone is there for the same reason. 

This mic was at Andy Walsh's apartment (a comedian friend of a friend who I met at the Creek) and seated about twenty people.  Going to someone's apartment you don't know can be daunting and a little scary (I was a little worried that I would end up the backend of a Human Centipede) but this turned out to be great.  Everyone was really nice and supportive and I recommend every comedian does one of these shows.  A good set was a bonus to the night. 

I finished up the New York tip with a set at the Perch Cafe in Park Slope.  The nine minute set was spent telling stories and working on new bits.  It wasn't filled with laughs but I think people was engaged with the stories and enjoyed it.  I finished on really big bits and laughs but still need to cut the fat on some of these jokes. 

Overall, this was a great and productive trip to the Big Apple.  I have to give a special thanks and shot out to my friends Will Carey, Ben Rosen and Bryan Preston for showing me the ropes and hitting up some rooms with me.  I met a lot of really cool new people and gained a lot of experience from this trip.  This was definitely a confidence builder. 

P.S. If you are in New York... Eat a donut from the Donut Pub and a slice from Ben's Pizzeria. You can thank me later.

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