Monday, August 22, 2011

Shows #112, #113, #114, #115, #116, #117 & #118: Ragtime, Red House Tavern and Magooby's Joke House

After a brief family vacation/getaway, I had a busy week of sets...

On Tuesday, I hit Ragtime in Arlington, Virginia.  This room is run and organized by Rahmein Mostafavi at Cool Cow Comedy.  This is a great and intimate room that always seems to have the best lineups in local comedy.  My seven minute set went over well and was used to mainly go over and polish some of my older bits.  Besides one bit that could have been worded better and tightened, I did a good job delivering and remembering these jokes. 

I followed this set by working on new material at Red House Tavern in Canton, Maryland.  This eight minute set was a series of awkward silences and chatty bar patrons interrupted by laughs.  I've enjoyed this venue a few other times I've been there... but it was sparsley crowded on this occasion and featured a table of talkers in the back of the bar (something that is hard to ignore when the bar is as small as it is at RHT).  This open mic was productive in the sense that I got to work on new premises and cut the fat on new bits I've been working on.  Also, the four people paying attention like me...

I ended the week at Magooby's Joke House for a weekend hosting run.  This was a very interesting five shows in a three days.  The crowds were small because it is August and at the end of vacation season (not to mention, the friday shows were competing against a home Ravens game).  The crowds were a little older and tighter than usual, but I still had a lot of fun.  I sprinkled in a lot of new bits through out the shows and did a lot more improv than I usual do.  I'm also glad that I ended the week on a high note and had great sets on Saturday. 

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