Sunday, June 26, 2011

Show #93: RFD

I did five minutes at RFD in Washington, DC on Thursday.   I'm really happy with the laughs the new jokes are getting and how well they are progressing.  The last bit (which is based on something real that happened to my less than smart ass at a Spunk Fitness) isn't quite there but has the most potential.  It is a longer bit and I have a lot of ideas for it.  I just need to continue working on it and see which lines are the most focused and consistent.  This routine could eventually be my new closer. 

I also tried out two new concepts during this set.  I thought of these ideas while talking to my friend Rob Nelson the other night.  It's funny how silly thoughts that come up in conversations with other comedians can turn into ideas which can turn into premises and eventually polished stand up bits.  The ideas got laughs and I sold them well but I would not consider them good jokes yet. 

Overall, I'm really happy with the new bits and how they are gelling with the older bits.  It's great to do new things and change things up but progress is the most important thing right now.  I feel like there is a lot of progression in my personal and comedy life.


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