Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shows #84, #85, #86, #87, & #88: Magooby's Joke House

I hosted five shows at Magooby's Joke House this past weekend. It was a very fun weekend and I enjoyed working with the weekend's headliner and my good friend Mike Storck (if you do not know who Mike Storck is... stop reading and google him).

Storck is truly one of best comedians working right now. He is one of the Baltimore guys that has done well for himself and does this for a living now. Comedy may be a job for him but you'd never tell by talking to him. When not performing, the dude eats, sleeps and dreams about comedy. It's not a 9-5 desk job that he gets burnt out on. I know this, because it isn't uncommon for me to talk to him in person or on the phone for three hours about comedy right before or after a show. On top that, he's just a solid guy.

As for the shows themselves, they went well. I hosted Magooby's New Talent Contest on Thursday. This was a lot of work and a really long show (almost three hours). Though it was tiring, this turned out to be a really good experience. I had a lot of fun riffing and improvising in between comics. It's also a fun learning experience following comics that crush, bomb or end up somewhere in the middle (you get a lot of each at a show with fifteen open mic comedians).

I opened the Friday early show with a pretty solid twelve minute set. The late show felt a little rougher for me. When I watched the video, I notice my body language and posture were terrible. I was very tired and you could tell. My rhythm wasn't great and I wasn't terribly comfortable on the first show and I was even worse on the second. This was a night that I relied on my comedic survival skills.

After doing comedy for a while, you learn certain tricks and gain certain muscles to work with. A good comic finds ways to squeeze laughs out of times that he is off and even not funny. I did this very well on both shows Friday. Despite being rusty, tired and not very funny, I found ways to get laughs. I take great pride in that.

I took the "game film" seriously on Friday and recovered Saturday. I had a solid set on the Saturday early show and an even better set on the later show. I felt way more comfortable and confident during these shows. The timing was light years beyond what I did the day before, and as Storck said afterwards, I "nailed it."

Saturday also marked two other milestones for me. First, it was my birthday (yes, I'm getting old). Secondly, I wore a suit for the first time on stage. Our feature act Sonny Fuller tends to dress like a homeless person... so Mike and I thought it would be funny to wear suits for these shows. We did because we are wacky.

I'm getting ready to leave for my honeymoon, so I'm back to being inconsistent with the stand up and performing. I really miss the grind and pace I was on, but taking this vacation and break is important too. I will be back full force with comedy by the end of June. Until then... Grown Ups is a really shitty movie.

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