Monday, May 23, 2011

Shows #80, #81 & #82: Potomac Grill, RFD and Hightopps Bar and Grill

My first set since getting married took place this past Wednesday at Potomac Grill in Rockville, Md. Despite a small audience (20ish people) this ended up being a good set. It also introduced me to a problem that I didn't think I would have... referring to my wife as my wife (and not my fiance or girlfriend).

My next set was at RFD on thursday. As usual, this was a great crowd (atleast 100 people) and I got a great response. However, I still feel like I stumbled through this set...

I was working out the wording on new jokes and older jokes that I haven't done in a while. I've gotten a lot better at selling jokes and even when a joke isn't working or the wording isn't there, I can usually squeeze a laugh out of it. Despite not getting a good rhythm and still figuring out half of my set as I was doing it, I got a great audience reaction.

My last show of the week was at Hightopps Bar and Grill. This show happened...

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