Monday, March 28, 2011

Show #55: 11th Street Lounge

Something clicked for me during my seven and a half minute set at the 11th Street Lounge in Arlington, VA.  It wasn't a great set.  It wasn't even the best set I've had in the past week.  Including comedians there were only fifteen or so people to see it... but man it felt good.

Jason Weems (if you don't know who he is, stop reading and look him up now) once told me that one of the first things a comedian should do is figure out what kind of comedian he or she wants to be.  This is a very true statement but a very long process as well.  It takes comedians years, if not a lifetime to find their voice.  However, I feel like I've recently taken a step in the right direction to finding it.

I've been getting more personal lately.  The new jokes I've been working on are darker, humiliating and for the most part misanthropic.  Tonight I told a story about something that just happened to me the other day.  This bit (and the rest of the new stuff I've been working on) represents where I want to go with comedy.  I doubt I'll ever be one hundred percent happy... but right now I'm telling the kinds of jokes and stories I want to tell.  It feels really good.

I'm wrapping up my night by watching "How do you know" with my tired wife to be.  This movie sucks hard... really hard.  It makes "The Room" look like "Limitless".  It also makes "Limitless" look like "Casablanca".  It makes "Casablanca" look like... you should get it by now.

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