Thursday, March 17, 2011

Show #46: Potomac Grill

I had a really good eight minute set at Potomac Grill last night.  I worked on the new jokes I had been working on plus one bit I have never done before.  I think the jokes are getting more personal and have a little more bite to them than they used to.  A year ago, I was telling jokes about Tiger Woods and blumpkins (Sometimes seperately.  Sometimes together).  Now everything is coming from a more honest, introspective and hopefully a more funny place. 

Last night I decided to focus more on the performing and selling jokes in my set.  The first two comedians that went up (who are really funny) kind of struggled to get laughs.  The audience seemed to have a shorter attention span and were a little rowdy at times, hence me focusing on selling the material.  I've always said that I am a writer first and performing is still very new and sometimes foreign to me.  Being more comfortable and confident is where I need the most work as a performer on stage.  Selling and believing the joke is almost as important as writing a good joke (if not more).  Last night I focused more on the performing and less on the writing.  The results were good.

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