Thursday, March 17, 2011

Show #47: Illusions Magic Bar

I did eight minutes at Illusions Magic Bar in Federal Hill, Maryland.  Overall it was a pretty good set for a good crowd (40ish  people).  Most of the new jokes hit but one joke bombed and I stumbled into one of my more established jokes.  That joke suffered because of my crappy set up.

I think I'm going to drop my new joke that bombed.  It's a good story that is great in conversation but lacks a strong enough punchline to be a stand up bit.  The story (which is true) is about a girl I know that went on a date with Michael Phelps (The Olympic swimmer).  At the end of the date, he invited her back to his place by asking her if she "wanted to watch a video".  She assumed they were going to have sex.  Instead they went back to his place and actually watched a video... of Michael Phelps swimming.

It's a funny anecdote but a weak stand up routine.  Maybe I'll come back to it in some capacity but I'm going to scrap it for now.  Telling that story/joke did help me lead into another bit that I'm really happy with and it has been killing for the past week.

The comedy night at Illusions is run by my good friend Ben Rosen.  It is a great space and the coolest looking room in Baltimore.  Ben is very generous with his time and does a really good and fair job running comedy night.  Yes.  I am saying this because I know he is reading.  Just kidding.... kind of.

UPDATE: Since I've been home, Ben text me and informed me that a woman in the audience complained to the owner of Illusions about language I used during my set.  First of all... the word that offended her was a slur that I aimed at myself.  I was the sole butt of the joke and no one else was put down or hurt by it.  Secondly... SHE WAS AT A COMEDY SHOW!  What else did she expect to see or hear?  Juggling?  In a weird way, I feel like I accomplished something tonight.

All kidding aside... It isn't my goal to offend people.  Ultimately I want people to laugh and have a good time if they see my set.  Even though it can be harsh at times, I (and I assume all comedians) want people to think as well as enjoy themselves at a show.  However, I do think that you, as an audience member, should know what you're getting yourself into when you go to see live stand up comedy.

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