Saturday, March 5, 2011

Show #41: Capitol Comedy Connection

I did a five mintue set as part of the Capitol Comedy Connection in Rockville, Maryland.  CCC marks my first on air appearance and television taping.  The show was a lot of fun and I had a really good set.  Every joke I told hit and I got a great response.

I did make one mistake... when timing out my set, I did not take in account laughs.  Some of the jokes got bigger laughs than they usually do and as a result, I ended on a joke that I usually don't close with.  Ultimately,  that's a small thing... I still got a laugh on my last joke and had a great set.

Due to FCC regulations, I had to work clean for the first time.  This made me really nervous going into the show but I ended up being funny without cursing.  Cussing is still my favorite sport.  This guy still loves to say "fuck", "asshole" and the occional "c word".  It's just nice knowing I can get laughs without having to.

It was also nice hanging out with friends and comedians such as Ralph Cooper (who started a mosh pit with me), Emily Ruskowski, Jessica Brodkin and Will Hessler.  These guys and girls were very funny and did a great job at the taping.  I'll post the show here when it's available online.

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