Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When did different become better? A non-show blog...

I hate hipsters. Everyone knows of the guy or girl that likes crappy music just because no one else likes it. These are the same pretentious people that look down on movies because more than seven people saw it and atleast six of them like it. They do all of this while wearing extremely tight pants. Oh… the skinny jeans.

Lately, I've run into a lot of "alt comedy" people. Amongst these people there seems to be a growing attitude that “different means better”. I’m going to go ahead, disagree and say that different means… well, different.

To look down on a "stand up comedian" for telling a "regular jokes" is dumb. To label a stand up comedian as a "standard, set up then punch-line guy" is incredibly smug and unfair. Unless he steals or lifts material, each comedian is unique and different (even if it’s in a very small and subtle way). Comparing Louis CK and George Carlin is like comparing Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.  Saying Dave Chappelle and Richard Pryor are identical is like saying Radiohead and the Beatles are the exact same thing.  Comparing... fuck it. You get the point.

Lumping all stand up comedians in the same category is passive and if you consider yourself an authority on stand up comedy, irresponsible. Actually, if you consider yourself an authority on stand up or comedy... kill yourself. There are no authorities on comedy. It’s subjective. I think that is the whole point of this blog.

I appreciate anyone who tries stand up or any kind of performance art for that matter. There are comedians I flat do not like personally or comedically but I respect the fact that they try. A comedian that goes out there every night and tells jokes is a performer in the most vulnerable position imaginable. It takes courage. To put all of us in the same category because we are trying the same craft is plain stupid. Performers that sing songs that aren't funny but claim they are in the name of irony, have food eating contests or have sex with stuffed animals on stage may be different... but it's not necessarily better. Half of the time it's not even comedy.

I really do try to respect all performers and even if I don't like it, I appreciate that someone else might. People in the alternative comedy scene should try doing the same. They should also wear baggier pants. They look like dumb asses

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