Monday, February 28, 2011

Show #38: Timeout Sports Bar

Louis C.K. was amazing last night.  In my opinion (which doesn't really matter.  No one asked for it or deserved it.  But who cares? Read it)... Louie is the best stand up comedian working right now.  He is up there with the likes of Carlin and Pryor as one of the best and most prolific writers in comedy.  It was especially cool to see him work a small club like Carolines.  

It was also a great learning experience... when you're standing fifty feet away from the best, you can't help but observe or try to pick up things. You notice certain mannerisms or habits. You can see how a guy can handle long laughs or applause breaks verses a joke that didn't get as big of a laugh as it would elsewhere.  The biggest thing I got from the experience was motivation.  Seeing Louie at the peak of his powers at the most famous comedy club in the country made me want to work my ass off to get that good.  I know I'll never be that good... but dammit I'm going to try. 

Still riding the high of my weekend at Magooby's Joke House and seeing C.K., I got back to work tonight at Timeout Sports Bar in Westminster, Maryland.  I did a solid eight minutes in front of twenty-five or so bar patrons.  I mainly worked on one new joke and tightening up jokes I've been doing for a few weeks... which all seemed to go over well.

In the middle of my set, one random guy tried to "participate" and yelled out something during my set.  I said the word "asshole" during a joke and the following exchange happened...

Drunk Westminsteronian: (sarcastically) Did you say "asshole" or "casserole"? 
Me: I said "please don't interrupt again"
(Big laugh from audience)

It was short and sweet.  It was nice handling a talker without being really crass or mean.  After the Esquire Lounge debacle last week, I've learned that being nasty to hecklers or interrupters comes with mixed results. There is a really fine line and balancing act when it comes to handling a disruptive person or audience.  I'm still a novice at that art.

My next show is Wednesday night at the Martini Lounge in Waldorf, Maryland.  Until then, here are two youtube videos that have nothing to do with this blog post....

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