Thursday, February 24, 2011

Show #33: Magooby's Joke House

I hate it when comedians write about how good they are.  I hear so many comedians that talk about how awesome they are or how they kill all the time.  When they are decent comics, this comes off as extremely arrogant.  In reality most comedians who say they "kill" are delusional.    Unfortunately... a lot comics can be both. 

That being said... I killed my eleven minute set at Magooby's Joke House tonight.  Stand up comedy really is a process and like the cliche goes: "It's a marathon and not a sprint".  I feel like I've been putting a lot of work into comedy and it paid off tonight.

Originally I was supposed to host Magooby's New Talent Night but at the last minute I was replaced by Mickey Cuchella of 98 Rock (I'm still hosting two shows tomorrow and Saturday night).  Quite frankly this arrangement worked out great for me.  I still got a paycheck and got to do my normal set.  It ended up being a half-night off for me as I got to enjoy the rest of the show.  I did my guest spot in the middle of the show in front of two hundred people and it ended up being the most fun I've ever had on stage.  Every joke popped and I got a great reaction from the audience.  I feel like it was the best set I've done from start to finish. 

I'm sorry if this blog makes me sound like a tool.  With comedy, I usually dissect everything I do.  When I'm done dissecting it, I over analyze it and then dissect it again.  I'm a very hyper-critical and neurotic guy but tonight's set felt really good.  It was also nice hanging out and talking with Mickey, Greg Brown, Carl Labove (who's brain I'll pick apart this weekend) and the New Talent winner: Kyle Swisher.

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