Sunday, February 20, 2011

Show #30: Hightopps Bar and Grille

My thirtieth show of the year was at Hightopps Backstage Bar and Grille.  As I've said before, Hightopps is kind of my home base for comedy.  A lot of times, it feels more like hanging out with my friends and less like a comedy show.

My good friend T. Brad Hudson, who runs the show, let me host tonight as practice for this coming weekend at Magooby's.  It was a really good time and probably the best job I've done mc'ing to date.  I stuck to mostly new material that I've been working on and opened with a really strong eight minutes.  It's nice that the new jokes are really coming together.

It was also a lot of fun introducing and riffing in between acts.  I have to give a shout out to my friends Chris Logan, Bryan Preston, Drew Landry and Ben Rosen for their sets.  They all did great and it was nice hanging out with those guys.  Ben and I will be back at Hightopps on April 10th as co-headliners.  Ben is one of my really good friends and that is going to be a great show.

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