Thursday, February 17, 2011

Show #28: Magooby's Joke House

I mc'd a show at Magooby's Joke House tonight... It was a last minute gig that was really fun and headlined by Rich Vos (Opie and Anthony, Comedy Central).  Comedy is fun that way.  At 7 pm, I was bored and pooping.  At 7:30, I went to Magooby's to watch a comedy show.  By 8 pm I had a show and my most legit comedy credit to date.

It was good to get work in as an MC... I'm still a work in progress as a host but I'm getting better.  It is tough to just go on stage cold and make people laugh.  Good hosts are usually guys/girls that are energetic and have a lot of charisma.  I'm not really that guy.  I tend to pace myself with stand up.  Mainly because I'm fat and I have to.  It's tough being a methodically paced, misanthropic comic that hosts but I'm working at it.

I got laughs during my ten minute opening set and made all of the announcements correctly.  It was a really small crowd but a few people came up to me and told me they liked my material.  Meeting people who enjoyed the show is always nice.  It is weird meeting people that think you suck.

Speaking of people who think I suck... Magooby's has a drawing at the end of every show.  Staff collects comment cards and the person who wrote the selected card wins free tickets.  When I pulled the random card tonight... it said "MC sucks" under the comments section.  I looked through the twenty or so cards to see if there were more critical comments and that was the only one.  Still... of all the cards, why did I pull the one that says I suck?

Overall, this was a good experience and a good show.  Rich was a funny and good guy.  I'm grateful for Andrew at Magooby's Joke House for giving me a lot of cool opportunities and being a great friend to comedy.

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