Friday, February 11, 2011

Show #24: 11th Street Lounge

I did eight minutes at my friend Chris Barylick's showcase at the 11th Street Lounge in Arlington, Virginia.  It was the best set I had since Hightopps two weeks ago but overall it was a mixed bag.  It's kind of expected when doing new jokes but is still disappointing.

I opened really strong and closed great...but the middle was very "eh".  One new joke/story did great and I think is going to end up being a really good bit.  Another new joke kind of fizzled half way through...but I'm going to re-work it.  Another new joke did okay despite me screwing up the set-up, middle and punch. The new jokes are still inconsistent and experiencing growing pains....

This was still a good show.  Chris is a good guy and runs a good show.  Randolph T, Tim Miller and Mike Smith are also really good guys and had great sets.  Tomorrow night I have two sets.  The first is at Varsity Lounge in College Park and the second is at Magooby's Joke House.  Hopefully it is the start of a good run.

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