Friday, February 18, 2011

Jimmy Meritt hates you... (a non-show blog)

Jimmy Meritt is a good man.  Jimmy Meritt is a married man and a great comedian.  I talk to Jimmy about the road and comedy on a regular basis.  He is always friendly and gives great advice on comedy.  I feel like I am a (marginally) better comedian because of the guidance and advice he has given me.  To say this guy is cool is an understatement.  But here is something you should know about Jimmy Meritt... He probably hates you.

Standing at 6'2 and weighing a mere 150 pounds, Jimmy Meritt is not much in stature.  What he lacks in body mass, he makes up for with pure hatred.  Are you a comic that has "Comedian" written in your name on facebook?  Jimmy hates you.  Comedians that post videos on facebook and tag a million people that had nothing to do with the video.  Boom... Jimmy hates you.  If you are a comedian that likes to sit in the audience and draw attention to yourself by talking while another comic is performing... Jimmy Meritt hates you and for good reason.

Sometimes you do not have to do anything for Jimmy not to like you.  Once Jimmy hated a guy named Jeff for no reason.  He'd say things like "I just don't like Jeff's face.  I hate him".  That's just the kind of guy James Andrew Meritt is.

In all seriousness, Jimmy is a good guy and a major league talent in comedy.  Like me, he is misanthropic and thinks he hates people a lot more than he does.  I can't really say that for sure.   Something I can say for sure... The dude is really fucking funny.

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