Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shows #14 & #15: St. Mary's & Baltimore Comedy Factory

I did two shows tonight with mostly great success.  The first show was at St. Mary's Restaurant, which has a weekly comedy show run by Aisha Gunn and Henry Jonez (a.k.a. Misfitz of Comedy).  It was a pretty small venue, but good sized crowd (fifty or so people).

I did ten minutes that went over pretty well.  It was definitely a set that got better as I progressed and got further into it.  I made a rookie mistake by telling a new(ish) joke first.  The bit still got a laugh and is going to end up being good.  It just wasn't tight or polished enough to open with.  The rest of my set went really well otherwise.

The room was very urban (which is what white people call black rooms when they are afraid people will think they are racist) but very receptive.  I always have fun in those kinds of rooms.  The DJ used Wham! as my intro music...which I found really fucking funny.  Overall I have to say Aisha, Henry and Henry's wife Marcia are really nice people and run a fun show.

After my set, I stopped by Baltimore Comedy Factory.  The very funny Rob Cantrell was headlining and I wanted to stop by and catch part of the show (and hopefully get some time).  I've done work with Comedy Factory before so Alabama (a very funny comedian and resident Factory feature) hooked me up with a guest spot.

My spot was on the late show at 11, so I got to hang around and watch Rob's set from the middle show.  It was a packed house and a great set to watch.  Rob is a really good story and joke teller.   He is a hell of a nice guy and definitely a great comic to learn from.

My guest spot went really well.  I've heard horror stories of the third show on a saturday night.  The 11 pm show tends to be rowdier and drunker.  Overall this was a good crowd.  However one drunken heckler tried to give me crap during my last joke.  I let him have it a bit and won that one.  If I wasn't doing well with my set, I might not have won the battle.

As a general statement, I hate hecklers.  Stand up comedy is tough and heckling a comic is like sucker punching someone at their most vulnerable moment.  Even the worst comedian doesn't deserve to be heckled.  It takes a lot of courage to try stand up, so even a really terrible comedian deserves your respect.

That being said, if you are going to be tactful as a heckler, don't go after the comedian that already has the rest of the crowd on his side.  It's not smart.  Also, if you're going to go after a comedian who is doing well, the last thing you should do is stick up for Maroon 5.  Not only are you a lonely asshole in this venture... you come off as very obnoxiously not hetero.  You are a minority within a minority within a minority and you are never going to win that fight.

So I have to say it was a very good night for stand up.  I feel like I'm building some momentum and doing well in situations that I would not have done well in just a few months ago.  Its becoming more and more fun and I feel like I'm enjoying the maturation process as a comic.

No planned shows until next Sunday... but I'll definitely be hitting open mics this week to work on some jokes.


Laura said...

Very funny post! I'm glad you told that heckler whose boss! You're becoming more and more like Louie every day!

That Mike Finazzo said...

Thanks....but you're biased.

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