Sunday, January 16, 2011

Show #8: Sullys Comedy Cellar

The saturday show was way better than the friday show at Sully's.  The crowd was still small but it was a much younger and more of a comedy audience.  I did 27 minutes, and felt a lot more comfortable during my set.  I missed a punchline of a new joke and want to change the order of two jokes...but start to finish I think this was one of my more consistent sets.

This week I'm doing four sets sets during Magooby's 81 hour Comedy Marathon.  I'm doing a half hour each set, which I'm looking forward too.  It's going to be great practice.  More importantly the show(s) is going to benefit the Special Olympics....which I'm definitely down with.  The show is attempting to set the world record for the longest comedy show of all-time.  So besides great practice and a great cause, it would be cool to be part of a world record in the Guinness Book.

Besides those 4 sets, I have a gig at Clare and Don's in Northen Virginia.  I'm also hitting a few open mics to tighten up the newer jokes.  After that...I sleep.

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