Thursday, January 6, 2011

Show #3: The Big Mouth Club

Drove an hour to do seven minutes at an open mic at The Big Mouth Club in Waldorf, Md.  It ended up being one the better sets I've had in a while and I pretty much killed all the way through (including a brand new bit).  It was also a good night for networking because I got asked to do two other shows and hung out with Graham Currin (really funny comedian/screen writer and all around nice guy).  So good times.

I'm not doing stand up tonight.  I have a gig at Magooby's Joke House tomorrow with my friend Mike Storck, so I'll hang out with my very patient and loving wife (almost) in the meantime.  Next week I have featured spots at 11th Street Lounge's and Sully's Comedy Cellar.  I'll probably try to hit some open mics in between to stay sharp.

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