Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Show #16: Laughter in the Basement

I did eightish minutes at a new open mic at Balls Bluff Tavern in Leesburgh, Virginia.  It was a pretty good open mic with a decent bar crowd.  It was nice running into Seaton Smith (who in my opinion is one of the best comics working right now).  He is about to move to New York full-time, so it was cool shooting the shit with him and talking movies for a bit.  Aside from being enormously talented, Seaton is one of the nicest dudes you will ever meet.  I'll be performing at Hightopps Bar and Grill this sunday, where Seaton is making his last area appearance (for a while).

As for my set, it went pretty well.  I got a lot of laughs but it was mostly with crowd work and improv.  The downside was I screwed up the wording on the one bit I was wanting to work on the most.  So yeah, that's why that bit still needs work...

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