Thursday, January 20, 2011

Show #13: Clare and Don's

My second set of the day was at Clare and Don's in Falls Church, Virginia.  It was a packed house and a really fun show.  My buddy T Brad Hudson featured and Graham Currin hosted.  Graham is a really good writer and runs a great show at C & D's.

I calculated how much stage time I've done this week and it ended up being 170 minutes of stand up.  It turns out that doing stand up in thirty minute chunks adds up very quickly.  So after a long week of stand up, the marathon and working a day job, I didn't have enough energy to play jazz and experiment with my ten minutes at the show.

For the most part, I did my tested material and jokes that I knew would work.  It went over really well and was a nice end to a week of stand up.  A shout out to Graham, Bryan Paul, Tyler Richardson, E.J. Edmonds and a very tired T Brad for a good show.

I'm off (from stand up) tomorrow but have another show with the Misfits of Comedy in Baltimore on Saturday.  After that, I'm back to hitting open mics and working on new jokes for the next few weeks.  I also hope to see my very loving and patient significant other as well.

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