Thursday, January 20, 2011

Show #12: Magooby's Joke House

My run at Magooby's (soon to be world record breaking) 81 hour show finished this morning.  I did my third and final set in front of fifteenish hung over comedians and audience members.  I didn't do much written material... I mostly riffed and played off the audience.   It still ending up being a lot of fun and a good time.

The owner of Magooby's asked me to host a weekend run next month.  We had a long talk where him and his brother (Comedian Marc Unger) had a lot of really nice things to say about my comedy and writing.  It was a great confidence boost and nice to here from those guys.  They are sleep deprived and stressed from running a four day show and really didn't have to talk to me or give me feed back of any kind (let alone five paid gigs next month).

Overall, the marathon was a fun and fantastic experience.  I got a chance to do what I love with my friends and help raise money for a wonderful cause.  It really was an honor and very humbling to play even a small part in such a big event.

I have another show in Northern Virginia with my friends T Brad Hudson and Graham Currin tonight.  Should be a good time.  I'll be writing again soon....

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