Sunday, January 30, 2011


I deleted a previous blog I wrote about last night's show. When I wrote the post, I was very frustrated and angry towards one person in the audience (who happened to sit four feet away at the table in front of the stage). I did not mean to make any generalizations or mean any ill will towards the The Laff Lounge, it's patrons or it's staff.

Bill Herold owns and runs a great business. He is a great ambassador and friend to comedy. The Laff Lounge provides the best comedians and entertainment on the east coast to greatest fans and people in Maryland. I have performed there four times and have had some of the greatest and fun shows there.

The heckler that got my attention in no way represents the Susky or the people of Port Deposit. This unfortunate person could have been in any club, anywhere on any given Saturday night. My negative thoughts towards her were childish and quite frankly should have not been said publicly. Furthermore I should not have generalized her as a patron of the Laff Lounge. To do that would be 100% false.

I can not stress how well I have been treated by Laff Lounge, it's staff and patrons. I'm truly sorry for my comments I made.  The comments are more of an accurate representation of my inappropriate behavior than anyone at the Susky.  They were written in jest by a neurotic and frustrated comedian that should have focused on the hundreds of great people that pour into the Susky River Grille every weekend.  I hope to return soon as a fan, if not a performer.

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